Best Hairstyles for Men 2016

2016 Hairstyles for Men - Guys of now age are not behind the race in any field, whether it be clothing, hairstyles, fashion or makeover, they're at vanguard to show that they're also a trend geek that is huge.

# 19 {Bowl|Dish|Pan} {Style|Design|Type}
If you are a {picture|image|photography} enthusiast, this is a great style to don. It features hair cut and {brushed|cleaned|covered} to form a bowl-like appearance on the {head|mind|brain}. It is {a perfect|a great|an excellent} design that keeps the {head|mind|brain} fully covered hence {protection|safety|security} from {sun rays|sun light} and other extreme {weather conditions|climate conditions|climate}. To ensure the cut holds {in place|in position|set up}, a strong product is required to mess the layers until the desired results are achieved. {It|This|That} works better with {thick|solid|thicker} and straight hair.

# 20 Pointy Ends
Asians for generations have {been|already been|recently been} using the style {that gives|that provides|which gives} a natural appearance. {Through|Via|By means of} the use of {gel|solution|skin gels} and other lightening products, the hair is {set|arranged|established} loose and {with no|without the} {trimmings|accessories}. It is {a perfect|a great|an excellent} {haircut|hair cut|new hair-do} that is embraced by men of all {ages|age groups|age range}.

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